About our Founder

Dr. Maolynne Miller became Jamaica’s first paediatric nephrologist in 1984 and is the Founder and Chairperson of the Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation (JKKF). A former Associate Lecturer and Paediatric Nephrologist at the University of the West Indies and University Hospital of the West Indies (30 years), she now works full time at her private paediatric nephrology practice at 8 Carvalho Drive in Kingston, and runs a paediatric nephrology clinic at the Cornwall Regional Hospital. She is passionately committed to the care of children with kidney disease and the development of Paediatric Nephrology in Jamaica. Her conviction is that “all children with kidney disease, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to live to their fullest potential”. In her spare time, she is an avid reader of suspense novels and enjoys all legal television shows.