The Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation (JKKF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012, dedicated to providing care and improving the lives of children with chronic kidney disease.

JKKF provides aid through the following means. Click each item to read more.

Providing Dialysis Supplies

JKKF has partnered with the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), in support of their paediatric dialysis programme, the only one of it’s kind on the island where children under the age of twelve can receive dialysis. This programme receives no Government support and has incurred the Hospital significant debts; however, since 2013, JKKF has donated to UHWI virtually all the stores required for paediatric dialysis.

Supporting the Medical Community

In an effort to improve the awareness and understanding of kidney disease and common kidney problems in children by Jamaican healthcare professionals,  JKKF:

  • hosts workshops and seminars across Jamaica. As there are only four paediatric nephrologists (kidney specialist) in the English-speaking Caribbean, all of whom reside and work in Kingston, Jamaica, we also extend seminar invitations to healthcare professionals within the region.
  • hosts clinics at hospitals across the island which gives doctors at these locations, hands-on guidance and limits the disruption in the lives of the patients, who may not be able to afford to visit Kingston as often as needed.
  • maintain and raise money for the JKKF scholarship, which sends a deserving paediatrician to Canada to become a paediatric kidney specialist. The first recipient of the scholarship has successfully completed her training and is now currently working at the UHWI.

Community Awareness

The JKKF seeks to improve awareness of the Jamaican public about kidney disease in children. In this way we hope that early signs of this condition can be found, before it becomes necessary to have dialysis or kidney transplantation. In honour of World Kidney Day, the second Thursday in March, each year the JKKF holds a Public Health Exhibition at which we engage adults and children in conversations about their kidneys in general, how to take care of them and how to be aware common problems. We also participate in health fairs across the island.

Family Support

As an organization, we also extend our support to the families by hosting Christmas Treats, Fun Days and by providing a psychologist on hand at our Family Support Group meetings to provide an outlet for parents and caretakers as they take on the challenges of caring for a chronically ill child.