2013 Workshop Programme

Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation has developed a Paediatric Kidney Disease Workshop and Outreach Programme. The target audience is rural paediatricians who are taking care of children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) outside of Kingston, Jamaica, where the two paediatric nephrology centres are based.

The goal of the workshop is to train them to recognize CKD and to manage the children with CKD in between their visits to Kingston as many cannot afford to visit the capital as often as needed. In addition, some children are being dialyzed outside of Kingston, in rural hospitals, by adult nephrologists without paediatric involvement. This program will enable their paediatricians to understand paediatric dialysis and to assist in managing and monitoring these children at their base hospitals, as they would have been in Kingston.

The outreach is to observe the trained paediatricians in their own hospital setting and have them present their problem cases and any children on dialysis. The paediatric nephrology team will observe, advise, do further teaching and problem solving.


2013 Workshop Programme