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Ongoing Supplies Donation

As part of JKKF’s mission to improve the care of children with kidney disease, we maintain an ongoing project to provide supplies to hospitals that care for such children (e.g. supplying the paediatric dialysis service at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) with consumables needed for life saving dialysis). We do this through contributions from local and overseas corporate and private donors. During the calendar year January-December 2016, the value of our contributions of medical supplies in cash and kind was over $600,000 JMD. Each donation, however small, will be life saving. We urge you to help us to help these children and look forward to your support.

Catheter Donation - March 2017

Arising from a shortage of catheters in sizes appropriate for children, JKKF sourced and donated urethra catheters to paediatric surgery at Bustamante Hospital for Children, the Department of Paediatrics at Cornwall Regional Hospital, and to the Paediatric Surgery Service and the Paediatric Nephrology Service at UHWI.

UHWI Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (PDU) Upgrade Project - December 2015

Through support from numerous donors and approval from the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), JKKF upgraded the paediatric area within the peritoneal dialysis unit, located in Ward 4 at UHWI. Donations of over $78,000 JMD, covered costs of spray painting 2 filing cabinets, one (1) small folding desk, twenty two (22) packs curtain hooks, and fabric to make 42 sheets and pillow cases, and small curtains. Donations in kind included three (3) functional gently used CPUs, three (3) functional gently used keyboards, three (3) functional gently used monitors, one (1) mouse, six (6) gallons of paint, assorted furniture, wall decals and bed linen. The total value of these donations is estimated at $419,690 JMD. A computer and printer were also donated from Fujitsu Caribbean (Jamaica) Limited.

Through these donations, we were also able to provide computers to the Cornwall Regional Hospital and the Paediatric Outpatient Department at UHWI.

Donors include several private individuals, along with corporate donors, such as: Joan Duncan Foundation, KPMG in Jamaica, L.P. Azar Ltd., National Housing Trust, Scotiabank Jamaica Limited, Sherwin Williams Jamaica and the Spanish-Jamaican Foundation.

UHWI PDU Upgrade Presentation

Cornwall Regional Hospital Presentation